Don't Share Your Home With Mice and Rats

Connect with a rodent control expert in Douglas, Casper or Wheatland, WY

Rodents can spread diseases and cause costly damage to your property, so it's vital to take care of an infestation as soon as possible. If you need residential or commercial rodent control services in Douglas, Casper or Wheatland, WY, turn to J&W Pest Control LLC.

We can locate rat and mouse infestations and quickly remove them. Reach out to our licensed and insured mouse removal company today to get started. If you still see rodents after our visit, let us know and we'll come back to treat your home or business again for free.

Top signs you have a rodent infestation

Just because you don't see rodents scurrying around, doesn't mean you don't have an issue. You should call a rat and mouse removal company if you notice:

  • Chew marks on your food packages
  • Rodent droppings around the sink or in the pantry
  • Piles of nesting materials, like shredded paper and fabric

Do any of the above signs sound familiar? If so, schedule a rodent control appointment with us right away.